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We are the professional team to trust if you want to effectively remove popcorn ceiling at your property.

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Popcorn ceilings are common in homes built in the 50s and 80s. Modern homes still make use of this type of textured ceiling to cover flaws or reduce noise. However, some prefer a smoother look, and that’s where “Drywall Repair Manhattan Beach” comes in. We are here to offer quality residential and commercial popcorn ceiling removal. Our commitment to provide you an aesthetic new look for your ceiling, with no hassle or inconvenience is our promise to you. We will do our best to cover as much project as possible and fully meet your needs.Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling used to be so popular, but in modern construction, it has shown some disadvantages, such as cleaning, painting, and repairing issues. It is also known to leak, but more serious problems include presence of asbestos, especially among acoustic ceiling manufactured before 1980. Asbestos testing may be required prior to removing popcorn ceiling since asbestos fibers may become trapped in the lungs. It thus requires a professional popcorn ceiling removal contractor to work on them for they know how to do the process right.

Offering Unmatched Popcorn Removal

Our established drywall repair and popcorn ceiling removal company has been providing the area with professional services for years, and offers cost-efficient ways to improve your property’s look and value. One of the things you can do to modernize your home is remove dreaded popcorn or cottage cheese ceiling. We have already completed many removals for homes small and big and have established a system to do it in the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way. If you want your home to have a fresh and upgraded look, consider this premier service now.

The process of removing stucco ceiling involves preparing the area to be worked on.  Some furniture and other home belongings must have to be moved or cloaked, and the floor and walls protected. The outlets, doorways, and fixture in ceilings must be masked off as well. Popcorn texture may also be removed to expose original surface, which could mean smoothing uneven areas through scraping and sanding. All debris is hauled and dumped, and tape joints are retaped and recoated.

The finishing process involves applying texture, which depends on the customer’s preference. We apply smooth, floated, knock down, and other textures. When all steps are done, we professionally clean up the area. Whether you are renovating your entire home or just improving some damaged sections, call our highly experienced team to get the job done right and on time.

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