About Us

About Us

Welcome to our company Drywall Repair Manhattan Beach

The outstanding services of drywall repair will solve all problems. Technically speaking, we promise excellent drywall repair and patchwork. Aesthetically speaking, we guarantee that you will have the most beautiful house in California. Trust us for drywall installation as well.

Address: 12th St
Manhattan Beach, California
Zip code: 90266
Phone: 310-846-1319

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our company has experienced drywall repair technicians and guarantees superb remodeling, the finest drywall texturing and drywall damage repair

When it comes to all your drywall needs, we at “Drywall Repair Manhattan Beach” aim to give you the best services within this industry. We know the importance of adequate drywall installation. Therefore we make it our top priority to give you our best work each and every time. With the most skillful people working for us, we are confident to say that we offer unparalleled service.

Our Line of Expertise

To ensure that all our technicians are able to provide high quality work, they are always sent for trainings and refresher courses. This is one way for us to ensure they are always kept abreast on the latest technologies and newest developments when it comes to any type of drywall repair or drywall removal needs you might have. Aside from these courses, they are always tasked to practice their skill. That way their skills for sheetrock repair and removal will not only be honed, but this ensures that their skills will not become rusty, due to lack of practice.

Aside from superb skills, our drywall contractors at Drywall Repair Manhattan Beach are also very adept when it comes to Sheetrock installation. Should you need anything repaired such as nail holes and blemishes, our contractors can easily do that task for you.  As drywall is susceptible to water damage caused by lack of ventilation, it is essential to get technicians who are well-trained at applying drywall texture coating for your walls and ceiling. Our technicians are known to have very fine workmanship. Therefore you will not see any trace of the blemish that was patched up by our staff.  Apart from repairs and touch ups, our crew is well-trained to perform installation services of wall insulation for your homes and even commercial spaces. Being experts in this industry, they can finish the job in just a few hours. Apart from providing you top of the line services, we also offer services for drywall finishing that will help place final touches on your remodeling.

We highly value your time. This is why our contractors make sure to arrive at your home on time. Moreover they start to work right away the moment they arrive. That way the job can be finished in a shorter span of time, saving you time.

So for your next drywall need, just give us a call and we will attend to you immediately.

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